Jumpstart Jalajala

Empowering families and communities to respond to children's issues through education and action in Jalajala, Rizal

The goal of the project is to support parents and other members of target communities in preventing and acting on all forms of child abuse, its causes and impacts, in their respective communities. Such goal entails capacitating them with necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude through trainings and seminars—including information, principles, and values in addressing child abuse and in upholding children’s rights. Community organizing work will also be stimulated to encourage mobilization of the members of the target communities to act on the issue, and ultimately, to promote and protect children’s rights in their corresponding localities. Organized community members will also serve as watchdogs to document child abuse cases in their area.

The project will also ensure that children and their parents are on the same page.  While the main objective for children is to provide them with “safe space” for play, learning about their rights will also be integrated in these play activities.